Terms of sale

1. General Information

In accordance with the terms of the Information and e-Commerce Services Law 34/2002,  Article 10, this website is confirmed to be the property of:

AUTOMATISMOS ESMA S.L. (in further text: Remote control Esma)

Address: Calle de los Fontaneros, 8, Nave 4, 28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain
CIF: ESB82471640
Phone Number: +44 (0)2070486115  
Email: info@remote-control-esma.com

Registered at Madrid Company Register:

2. General Sales Conditions

Current sales conditions apply to all remote control units which appear on the www.remote-control-esma.com website, unless stated otherwise in the general sales conditions.Remote Control Esma reserves the right to modify at any time the general sales conditions. In such case, modified general sales conditions will apply to all remote control units on sale on the day when an order is made. 

3. Product Availability

All our products and prices remain available as long as they appear on our website and while stocks last. Remote Control Esma will always publish on its website the most up-to-date information. This information will be published under relevant section titles and might be subject to errors, which are corrected on a monthly base.

Date of the validity of an order corresponds with:

  • The date when an order is made, in case of online payment by credit card.
  • The date of the receipt of payment, in case of a bank transfer.

Promotional Information

Our clients may receive with their orders promotional material, such as leaflets and similar. Only one piece of advertising material may be sent per person and per order. Our customer service will not respond to queries regarding promotional material.  

4. Order validation and electronic signature (Law of 13. March 2000 on electronic signature)

Any order signed by the customer as “completion of order” constitutes irrevocable acceptance which can not be contested outside the limits set by the general sales conditions. An electronic signature is considered to constitute the completion of the process of authentication, acceptance and protection of the content of the messages. Such electronic signature is considered to have equal value between the parties as a written signature.

5. Pricing

Remote Control Esma reserves the right to change prices of its products and services at any time, but it undertakes the obligation to charge prices displayed at the moment of order being placed.

Prices are displayed in euros and include taxes, but exclude shipping costs. For orders from European countries which are not members of EEA (European Economic Area), the importer is the client.

In that case, customs duties and local taxes, as well as import duties or state taxes pertaining to importing country, might apply. Responsibility for the payment of those duties and taxes lies exclusively with the client and Remote Control Esma does not bear any responsibility in this respect.

6. Orders

No orders will be valid if the customer leaves blank fields marked “mandatory”, even if such order goes through.

Payment Methods:

Below are listed different payment methods we accept:

Credit card:

Safe payment. Your credit card details will be encrypted, under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and will never be made visible on the Internet. Remote Control Esma does not have access to that information in any event, either does store it on its servers. That is why Remote Control Esma will ask you to enter your credit card details every time you wish to make a transaction on our web site.

Bank Transfer:

Your order will remain stored in our computer for 7 days. If after that period we do not receive confirmation of a bank transfer related to that order, the order might be cancelled. The order will not be processed until confirmation of a bank transfer has been received.

7. Shipping

Ordered products will be sent by post to the address indicated by the customer at the time of placing the order. Expected delivery times will be announced when the product leaves our warehouse.

Shipping methods:

Average delivery times advertised by the supplier:

  • 2-3 working days for//Spain/Portugal
  • 2-5 working days for the rest of Europe


If shipping is provided through a third party, Remote Control Esma cannot guarantee exact delivery times. If there is a delay in delivery (in case delivery has not taken place within the times advertised above), the customer can contact Remote Control Esma, which will then demand from the third party in charge of delivery to start an investigation and provide an answer for the customer. 

Under no circumstances may a delay in delivery be a basis for complaint against Remote Control Esma.

Delivery: Remote Control Esma asks its clients to verify that they accept the condition of goods delivered at the time of delivery and before signing the delivery receipt provided by the courier.

Customer should provide his/her signature and details of any defects (such as a damaged product) in the products in the delivery receipt and any accompanying documents. These details must be provided by the person who made the order or a person authorized to sign the delivery receipt by the person who made the order.

Furthermore, the customer must notify the courier company by registered post of defects noted within three working days from the receipt of the product/products and send a copy of this letter to:  

Remote Control ESMA
Calle de los Fontaneros, 8, Nave 4, 28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Phone Number: +44 (0)2070486115
Email: info@remote-control-esma.com

If you as a customer wish to return the products, you need to make a request for a refund with our customer service department:

  • Within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Within 15 days if the product is damaged or if you have received a wrong product.
  • By advising us of your complaint and discovered defects.

All complaints received after the above listed periods will be denied. In case you are not satisfied with the product or you have not received the product you ordered, returned products will be accepted only if they are returned in their original conditions (packaging, accessories, user manuals). 

If at the time of delivery the original packaging is open, damaged or broken, you need to check the conditions in which the product is in. If you notice damage, provide a written description of it in the delivery document (delivery refused because the parcel arrived open or damaged).

8. Our Obligations

Remote Control Esma will not accept  any responsibility for breach of contract caused by extraordinary circumstances such as general or partial strikes by courier services and hauliers, or in case of disruptions caused by flooding or fire. With respect to losses incurred by inability to use purchased products, Remote Control Esma will not be responsible for indirect damages caused by the following: inability to use the product, loss of income, related losses or damages.

The sole responsibility to purchase a product or service lies with the customer. Total or partial inability to use the products, especially due to incompatibility of material, does not incur any form of compensation, refund or acceptance of responsibility on the part of Remote Control Esma, except in cases where products contain demonstrable faults of non-conformity, defects or in the case of exercise of the right to withdrawal specified in Article 8. In cases of products or parts of products not being delivered, the customer has the maximum of three months (starting with the date of the product leaving our warehouse) to file a complaint in this respect. Once this time limit has passed, we will not accept any complaints.

9. Right of Withdrawal

Under Article L.121-20 and successive articles of the Consumer Law, the customer has the right within 15 working days from the date of the delivery of an order to return the product and ask for replacement or full refund without any penalties, and without the cost of shipping.

The product must be returned in perfect condition, its original packaging, and with all original accessories. Otherwise, the customer will lose the right of withdrawal and he/she will be charged all the shipping costs. 

Costs of returning the product:

In case of withdrawal, the customer must cover the costs of shipping involved in returning the product.

Reimbursement methods:

Once a product is returned and the return is accepted, Remote Control Esma will initiate a refund by the means of a bank transfer.

In order to facilitate correct processing of an order, the customer should keep a copy of the invoice.  

10. Delivery: Customer does not reside at the specified address/ parcel not collected/ parcel refused

If a parcel is returned to Remote Control Esma by our courier service or their partners for the following reasons: “Customer does not reside at the specified address” or “Parcel not collected within specified time”:

Remote Control Esma will contact the customer when it receives the returned parcel in order to try to find out what to do with the parcel. The customer can:

  • Ask for the parcel to be shipped again: the customer must pay in advance 8€ to cover the cost of the new shipping. The same charge applies to remote control units whose shipping was originally free of charge: the offer of free shipping applies to the first delivery attempt only.
  • Ask for refund for their remote control unit. Remote Control Esma will refund in full the price of the remote control unit which was not delivered, with a deduction of 10€ to cover the initial cost of shipping and verification of the returned remote control unit. Remote Control Esma will refund the customer by the means of bank transfer.

If a parcel is returned by our courier service or one of their partners for the following reasons: “collection of the parcel refused by the customer at the time of delivery”, Remote Control Esma will contact the customer when it receives the returned parcel to ask what to do with the parcel.

  • If the customer refuses the parcel because it does not correspond with the order (parcel is damaged or the product does not match the order), Remote Control Esma will send the correct order.
  • If the parcel is refused by mistake, the customer can ask for the parcel to be shipped again, after paying 8€ for the cost of the new shipping. The same charge applies to orders initially offered with free shipping: the free shipping offer applies the first time only.

11. Change

While the sole responsibility for the selection and purchase of a product lies with the customer, it is possible to change a product within 30 days of delivery.

However, if the purchased product cannot be used primarily because it is incompatible with the material already owned by the customer, Remote Control Esma will not provide any reimbursement nor cancel the order even if the purchase took place within the legally specified time period for withdrawal.

Errors by the customer made at the time of purchase: Customers who make a mistake when selecting a product are advised to contact Remote Control Esma and ask for advice in order to avoid making a new mistake. The product can be exchanged within 30 days of the date of purchase. The customer needs to contact Remote Control Esma by sending an email to the following address:  info@remote-control-esma.com

If the customer makes an error while placing an order, he/she needs to contact us by sending an email to the following address:  info@remote-control-esma.com

If the customer does not receive a reply from Remote Control Esma within two days, he/she can return by post (together with a signature provided at the time of delivery) the goods, which must be in perfect condition and its original packaging.

If it is not possible to exchange the product (in case the product is out of stock or is not manufactured anymore), the customer will be reimbursed the full cost of the product, as well as the full cost of shipping, up to 10€.

12. Guarantee

Our products come with a 2 years guarantee except remote control with 1 year. The guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement of parts which are causing the product not to function. Products damaged through irregular use (falls, hits, extensive pressure etc.) will not be replaced under the terms of the guarantee. The guarantee starts on the day of the shipping of the goods or at the time the goods are at the customer’s disposal. The guarantee for the products we sell covers all defects or problems related to material or manufacturing, except:

  • Replacement of batteries or other consumable products.
  • Inappropriate use of the products (we advise you to read the instructions that come with our products).
  • Defects and problems caused through intervention by services not authorized by the manufacturer, defects and problems caused by uses different from typical and those recommended for the product (professional, collective use…)
  • Defects and problems caused by external causes such as exposure of products to water, heat or sun, as well as those caused by use outside of norms and regulations for this type of product.

Remote Control Esma does not accept any responsibility in hypothetical cases of products shipped not conforming to legislation of a shipping state.

The state of batteries supplied together with a product by Remote Control Esma. The state of the batteries cannot constitute basis for complaint under the terms of the guarantee: the sole responsibility for extra costs which may arise in this respect lies with the customer.    

13. Returns Policy

Remote Control Esma will accept the return of goods under following conditions:

The customer must ask Remote Control Esma’s Customer Service for authorization to return goods by sending an email to this address:  info@remote-control-esma.com

If Remote Control Esma does not reply within 2 working days, the customer can return the goods, which must be in perfect condition, with all original accessories and in its original packaging.

The returned goods must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt of the original purchase.

Only returns where all shipping costs have been paid will be accepted. For any object presumed defective, the customer must submit details which will explain reasons for the return.

 Remote Control Esma will decide whether the guarantee covers:

  • Replacement of defective goods
  • Repair of defective goods by Remote Control Esma

14. Personal Data

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, of 13. December, customers and users are informed that personal data sent through this website will be processed and will form part of the files registered with General Register for Data Protection, for which the responsibility lies with Remote Control Esma, with business premises at Calle de los Fontaneros, 8, Nave 4, 28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain.

Collection and processing of personal data will take place in order to facilitate provision of services, processing of orders, consultations and suggestions through this web site,  as well as sending of information through any medium (electronic or not) about new products, activities, news and services which may be of interest for the customer/user and which are directly related with services or information demanded.

By using the word “publicidad”, Remote Control Esma will identify such letters or newsletters which contain commercial or promotional information only.

The sole responsibility for the veracity of data provided to Remote Control Esma lies with the customer/user and guarantees consent of third parties.  

15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by Spanish law.

The parties involved agree that all litigation, discrepancies, questions or complaints resulting from the implementation of this contract or related to it, directly or indirectly, will be definitively resolved in the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.