How can I choose a remote control?
It is important to choose the same model of a remote control as the one you currently own. If your current model is not being made anymore, we will suggest a substitute model, with the same features and characteristics as your current one.
I can’t find the same model as the one I already have. What can I do?
In that case, send us a description or a photo of your model to info@remote-control-esma.com and we will suggest an alternative model in case the one you own is not available anymore.
How can I find out the frequency my remote control uses?
To find out the frequency for your remote control, open the outer casing and write down the code you will find on the upper part. The frequencies (MHz) range between 30.875, 26.995, 433.920, etc. Other values are not relevant.
How can I programme my remote control unit easily?
If your new remote control unit is programmed through switches, you need to repeat the interrupter combination found in your current unit. If your new unit uses pre-programmed frequencies, there is no need to worry, as all remote control units are easy to re-programme and they do not require specialist technical knowledge.  All remote control units come with a user manual with detailed instructions as to how to programme them. For those models that come blocked, you need to contact the vendor to confirm whether it is necessary to unblock the unit prior to first installation. These kinds of units and situations are quite rare.
How can I make my payment?
Remote Control Esma offers you various  payment methods to choose from - via credit or debit cards, bank transfers or payment made at the time of delivery. As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will send you the goods. If you are a business customer, please contact us via info@remote-control-esma.com
How can I track my order?
Once you have made your order you will receive an email with confirmation that your order is being processed. With every change in the status of your order, you will receive a new email.
My remote control unit does not work. What can I do?
All our remote control units come with a warranty period provided by the manufacturer. If your remote control is damaged or does not work please send us an email to info@remote-control-esma.com to ask for refund.